This project, considering several important risk factors, aimed at estimating hearth diseases. To achieve this purpose, first statistic data of 165 patients in Tehran and Shiraz were obtained. The data included the following variables: sex, age, cholesterol(L.D.L), blood pressure and Myocard-Brain Creatinine Phosphokinase(cpk-mb) enzyme. The intensity of infarction was determined according to the amount of the enzyme (in three different levels: no infarction, mild infarction, sever infarction). Sex, age, cholesterol(L.D.L), and blood pressure were considered as the input and infarction intensity was considered as the output. To draw the input-output mapping of each group, neuro-fuzzy networks by the use of Matlab software were used. The obtained fuzzy rules, using PHP (programming language), were run. The program was placed in a website so that everybody can enter the website and by giving the required information can be informed about the intensity of the infarction.

"Enter yor age, LDL and blood pressure then push calculate button to have your risk of heart attack estimated. "
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